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We're on a mission.

We want to provide small businesses in Colorado Springs and beyond the opportunity to have websites that are modern, responsive, and filled with search engine optimized content.

Too many small business owners neglect their sites when their website is a vehicle to increased conversions that we want to unlock.

Meet the Owner

Get to know the story of the owner of Webnetic Development
Dieter Hillje Owner

Dieter Hillje

Owner & Certified Web Development Specialist
Dieter Hillje is the sole proprietor of Webnetic Development. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2019, he set out to find a new passion to help those around him. At first he decided to get into IT but this eventually led him to coding with HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Dieter started Webnetic Development in 2021 to provide his technical skills to small businesses in need of website support, design, development, and SEO. He is proud to have found his calling and cannot wait to continue supporting the businesses of Colorado Springs and beyond.

Our Core Values


We keep it straightforward with what platforms will work best for your needs and if a project is out of our reach. We want everyone to be 110% happy with their site as it is an extension of themselves.

No One Left Behind

Even after project completion we want you to know we are willing to support your site and your business. Even if you do not sign up for our website maintenance, feel free to reach out to us if you need help! We're more than willing to help out with small tasks for your site.


We want our partners to be in absolute love with their sites. We strive for excellence so if something does not seem right to you, tell us and we will do everything in our power to provide the peace of mind you deserve. We are committed to our projects and our partners.

Are you ready to partner with us?

We're ready to support you and your business. Your site is a reflection of yourself and you deserve to have a website that can have unbridled growth. Reach out to us to get your free consultation today.
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